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8 Beautiful, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

8 Beautiful, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas
It's now more important than ever to consider out impact on the planet.
Too often our actions are out of sight, out of mind. We MUST take action now, even with the smallest of changes, and pledge to make a difference.
This blog post will give you sustainable, yet gorgeous gift wrapping options, not just for Christmas but for all occasions.

Furoshiki Wrapping:

Furoshiki Wrapping 4 cylinder shaped gifts in white linen cloth, embellished with sprigs and black ribbon

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese for of wrapping using cloth to transport goods.
It has since been adopted around the world as a more sustainable way of gift wrapping.
The pieces of cloth can be reused by the receiver in many ways and avoids the unnecessary fill of single use paper and string.
Take a look at what Furoshiki wrapping looks like and how you can replicate it.

furoshiki wrapping with beige and tan linen cloth

Sunday Lane



Alot of the time, string, ribbons and bows end up in landfill, just as they were unwrapped, sometimes not even cut down. You can imagine the devastation this can cause. Here are some ideas for more sustainable options to embellish your gifts:

Sustainable wrapping using crushed or recycled kraft paper, natural twine and sprigs of pampas grass


Natural Twine:

Opt for a natural jute twine. This can be then placed in to your green bin for composting. Cotton twine is natural and biodegradable, however cotton is one of the most water-hungry crops on earth and uses 6% of the worlds pesticides, so when choosing cotton, look at GOTS cotton. GOTS is the worlds leading textile processing standard for organic fibers. Learn more here


Dried Fruit:

Do you have a leftover half an orange, pecans, apple, lime, lemon or figs?
Give it another life before throwing it in the compost. You can dehydrate your fruit and use them as embellishments. You don't need a dehydrator, there are a couple of ways to do it at home. Here are two links to help:

- Oven

- Air Fryer

Sprigs of Trees & Bushes:

Have a look in your garden. Head outside with a pair of secateurs and cut off a few sprigs from your favourite bush or tree. Pine, olive, Christmas bush, eucalyptus, wattle, bottle brush, lavender and fern are all beautiful and fragrant options, but you can even opt for a sachet of seeds.

No Sticky Tape:

A few carefully and strategically placed folds in your wrapping paper or fabric, you can eliminate the need for sticky tape. The below style of wrapping is called the Kimono Fold.

Kimono Gift Wrapping



Gift Wrapping with newspaper, twine and paper leaf


Newspaper is a cute alternative to wrapping paper. This gives your newspaper a new life before being thrown in the recycling. You can even purchase past newspapers from specific dates for that added extra touch, which you can find here.

Gift wrapping using newspaper and kimono fold Pinterest


Kraft Paper:

Kraft paper is one of my favourite options for sustainable wrapping. Such a great alternative to coated wrapping paper, it usually can give you two or three uses, depending on its thickness or GSM.
Kraft paper is a beautiful, natural colour that will work with any embellishments or interiors. You can also find it in black and white. Even decorate your own, or ask the kids to do some painting or drawing to put a personal touch on your gifts.

Kraft paper gift wrapping ideas


white kraft paper wrapped gifts with white lace embellishments, twine and a hand stamped kraft gift label



No one person can change it all, but if we all play a small part, we can leave this world a better place than we found it for future generations.


To making your home a haven,

Lauren x

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