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How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like A Pro

How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like A Pro

It's that time of the year where the tree comes out and we start seeing perfectly fluffed and styled Christmas Trees. How do they do it, you wonder! Well, I've got you. In this blog you will find:

- 6 Christmas Themes

- 8 Steps on How To Decorate Your Tree Like a Pro

- 12 Tree Topper Alternatives to the Star and Angel

- Links to my favourite Tree Skirt and Collar

- Link to Furoshiki Wrapping and my Go-To Wrapping Paper & Accessories Business

- And, as an added bonus, my favourite Instagram Accounts for Christmas Inspiration!

Ok, let's level up that Christmas Tree game of yours!

Scandi Style Christmas tree in a white living room with timber floors. Minimal styling on the tree. A large pine garland adorns the lit fireolace to the right, along with multiple white, tapered candles in gold holders.

Image: Michelle Janeen

Choose your Theme.

Before getting in to the decorating, you need to find your theme and decide whether you will change it up each year. If you are going to stick with the same theme, you can probably look at splashing out on some really luxe base baubles, ones that will last a lifetime. If you're going to change up your theme each Christmas, you'll need to be a bit more strategic with your choices. Here at Sonei Home we love sustainability, so using one time use decorations isn't ideal. You will want to look for base baubles that are flexible in that they will work for various themes.

Ok, what theme will you choose?

Here are some of my favourites:


Dried Floral Christmas Tree

Image via Pinterest



Scandinavian Christmas Tree




Traditional Red and Gold Christmas Tree

Image: Pinterest



Minimalist Christmas Tree, in a rustic white bricked room and timber flooring.  

Image: Balsam Hill



Ashlee White Neutral Christmas Tree in a white/beige room with kraft and white wrapped presents underneath the tree

Image: Ashlee White Instagram



Christmas Tree adorned gold ornaments and christmas presents under the tree wrapped in gold.



Tree Collar or Skirt?

Something that often gets overlooked is the base of the tree. The feet of a Christmas Tree are sometimes an eyesore, so opting for a collar or skirt can really tie the look together. I would probably opt for a collar when the base and truck at the bottom is quite large/high, whereas the lower hanging branches on some trees call for a skirt. A skirt is great, giving a border for your presents to rest.

My Favourites:

1. Pottery Barn Scroll Quilted Velvet Tree Skirt

2. Target Sea Grass Christmas Tree Collar

Fluff Your Tree, It's a Must!

Most artificial trees come with a pair of gloves, or you can wear a long sleeve top, this will ensure your arms and hands won't be scratched.

Fluffing your tree is the art of separating the branches and fronds of your tree to make your tree look...well, fluffier!

1. Let's Begin:

Start at the bottom and work your way to the top, branch by branch. Loosely separate the fronds so you know what you've got to work with.

2. Fluff The Tree:

Now you want to create dimension by 'fluffing'. Start on the fronds on the inside, closest to the trunk and work your way out to the front. Spread and separate the fronds in opposite directions, up then down, on a diagonal ensuring spaces are filled and the trunk can't be seen.

3. Stand Back:

Look for any spaces or voids and go back in and fill them up by moving some fronds around. Don't stress if you have a few empty spots. These can be covered up with some filler decorations.

4. Time for Lights:

From someone who continuously forgets to put the lights on first, I can attest to how difficult it is to put them on at the end. Having them on first means you can hide the wires with your ornaments. I have my tree in a corner, so a tip to get extra length is to just run your lights around the front parts of the tree, or where the tree is seen, rather than wrapping them all the way around. You'll get extra light coverage where it matters.

5. Add in Large Trimmings:

Clusters of berries or florals, garlands...these are great fillers and can create great dimension with the addition of smaller ornaments. Add your feature ornaments like; heirloom baubles, memorable keepsakes or large crystals. You want these front and center where they can be seen and admired.

6. Baubles:

I like to scale my baubles with the majority of the larger at the bottom, medium in the middle and small at the top. But, I will mix it up a little so it's not overly structured. Mix up your baubles with plain, glittered and patterned, matte, shiny, round, long and pointy. Add in softness with decorations like ribbon, feathers or florals. Try and work in groups of 3 or 5...the interior styling rule of thumb.

7. The Shining...Star

Are you a traditionalist and love a star or an angel? Or something different? Don't forget to add the finishing piece to the top of your tree.

Here are some other ideas for tree toppers:

- Elf                 - Partridge

- Bow               - Gingerbread House

- Snowflake      - Poinsettia

- A Nest           - Dove

- Spire             - Crown

- Snowman       - Dried Floral Arrangement


8. Gift Wrapping:

Take your Christmas theme to the next level and match your gift wrapping. A great sustainable option for wrapping is heading to your local spotlight and grabbing some material, like linen or satin and using the traditional Japanese art of Furoshiki wrapping (Click here for more on Furoshiki Wrapping). But, if you love paper wrapping, Wrapco is my go-to sustainable gift wrapping business.

And that's it my friends! Go forth and prosper. I've included down below, some of my favourite Instagram Accounts which always have some amazing inspiration over the festive season.


Scandi Style living room with white linen advent calendar on wall, white minimal small tree  with brown ornaments White open front door with a native australian wreath hanging in the middle and two small white bells   A box of assorted decorations, gold, silver and black. Baubales and stars, under a christmas tree, on a timber floor. Surrounding the box is fairy lights
@royce.interiors                                        @cottageontheavenue                                 @hausofteasdale 
 Pair of female hands holding a cup of hot chocolate with a tiny gingerbread man and candy cane on top. Christmas tree in the background with white and gold ornaments on it.  Rectangle present wrapped in brown kraft paper, with beige twine. a pine cone and leaf on top with a white name tag. on top of a charcoal table surrounded by small gold snowflake decorations, another pine cone and black shears. Timber circle tray laying on top of a beige linen cloth. On top of the tray is an assortment of shapes from stars to circles, made of clay with dried flowers on top. 3 wooden bowls in the top right corner with an assortment of dried flowers and a scoop
@_ashlee_white_                                          @kukuwaja                                    @our_emerald_home
To making your home a haven,

Lauren x




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