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Palm Springs Style: How To Get The Look In Your Home

Palm Springs Style: How To Get The Look In Your Home

An increasingly popular design style and trend in Australia is Palm Springs. It encompasses entire homes, from the exterior and interiors right through to the décor and landscaping. The style originates from its namesake, Palm Springs, a desert resort city in California in The United States. This design style is noted for its mid-century, modern architecture and design elements.

So, lets take a look more closely at how you can get the look in your home, whether you are redecorating, renovating or starting/planning a new build.

Key Elements of Palm Springs Design

Sleek Lines, Interesting Angles and Natural Materials

Forget the fussy detailing. Sleek lines in this modern, mid-century style would almost reflect a home of the future. Upon approach of a Palm Springs home, the first example of sleek lines would be the flat roof. Angles, natural materials and geometric and flowing lines are abundant in the form of the roof, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, furniture (legs of furniture for that matter), mirrors, artwork and décor.


Palm Springs Style Interior Mirror
Image: Vogue Australia



Palm Springs unbreakable drinkware orange cocktail rocks glass


Bar Cart

White Bar Cart

Image: Holly Hunt


Art Work

Palm Springs Interior Design Gold and White Artwork



Travertine Trays and Brass Home Accessories Palm Springs Decor

Travertine Tray & Brass Coasters, Brass Incense Hardware


Palm Springs Home entry timber ceiling with stone pave flooring

Image: Luxe Interiors & Design


 Robert Gordon Pottery White Fruit Bowl
White Ceramic Fruit Bowl - Sonei Home (Coming Soon)
Alive Body white ceramic diffuser palm springs inspired decor

Angles and Sleek Lines

Palm Springs Style Interior Design Living Room
Image: Atlanta Magazine

Breeze Blocks

Made popular in the 60’s and 70’s, breeze blocks are cinder blocks that have been stacked and designed to create a mosaic or other pattern. Usually used outside, their primary purpose was to offer privacy to the homeowners whilst allowing a breeze to flow easily through, due to the desert conditions. As time passed, their purpose was found useful and countries like Australia, providing relief and protection from the sun. They are incredibly robust and hardwearing, so their use in high, stacked exterior walls was and still is popular.

Palm Springs Style White Exterior Home Bright Orange Front Door

Palm Springs Style Front Exterior Bright Yellow Front Door White Breeze Blocks
Image: Pinterest


Palm Springs Home Exterior with Landscaping and Breeze Blocks

Image: Apartment Therapy


Palm Springs style interior design Bathroom ensuite with breeze block wall

Image: Brickworks

White on White on White

Palm Springs Homes are mostly white. The reason for this is due to the arid conditions Palm Springs homes have to endure. Surrounded by desert and mountain ranges, white reflects the suns heat. All aspects of a Palm Springs homes composition is considered with the heat in mind.

Palm Springs style home white exterior

Image: Dwell

Palm Springs Style Exterior Backyard White with Blue Pool

Image: Houzz

Palm Springs Style Home Exterior White with Stacked Stone feature wall


Options for White Paint from Taubmans:

 Cotton Sheets Taubmans Paint Colour Swatch White

 Brilliant White Cotton Sheets  Crisp White

White Marble Coasters

White Marble Coasters


White frosted bulb vase with red flowers on top of white book

                    White Frosted Bulb Vase


White Alive Body Hand Wash and Lotion Duo next to white sink and brass tapware  
White Alive Body Luxury Room Spray with gold writing and lid

     Alive Body - Luxury Room Spray Sweet Dewberry & Clove

 Palm Springs Mid Century Style white interior living room

Image: One Kings Lane


Pops of Jewel Tones and Pastels

Usually used on the front door, Palm Springs homes are easily recognisable because of this feature. The coloured front doors are, in fact, so popular you can book door tours in the area and take photos of all of the inspiration. There are no limits with colours to be chosen for this feature and is easily changeable over time by homeowners.


Image: The CEO Magazine


Palm Springs Bright Yellow Coloured Front Door with White Exterior
Image: Une Piece

Palm Springs Home White Exterior Bright Pink Front Door

Image: Bennion Deville Homes

But, the pops of colour don't have to stop at the exterior, extend the colour inside the home too through furniture, decor and artwork.  

Palm Springs Home Interior Living Room Jewel Tone Purple lounges overlooking pool area
Image: Tim Street-Porter


Alive Body Hand Lotion Body Wash Duo Fig, Apricot and Sage

Options for Front Door Paint Colours from Tint Paint:

  Tint Paint Bright Warm Red Paint Swatch        Tint Paint Bright Warm Yellow Paint Swatch        Tint Paint BonBon Paint Swatch   Tint Paint The Dame Paint Swatch

Bright Warm Red   Bright Warm Yellow    BonBon            The Dame

Crystal Blue Pool

You will find the design aesthetic of a Palm Springs pool is closely tied to the outdoor entertaining area. It will most likely be white, with that crystal blue water you would expect to see in a magazine. Contrasting the white against the pop of colour really ties the outdoor with the indoor and exterior.

Kaufmann Desert House Outdoor Pool area chairs


Polycarbonate Diamond Cut Highball Glass with mojito cocktail
Behr & Co Brass Coasters


Palm Springs backyard with pool

Image: The Architectural Insight


Palm Springs style outdoor area with Pool

Image: The Spruce


Desert Friendly Landscaping

The climate in Palm Springs requires low desert flora. In California, plants and trees like succulents, cacti and palms are the go-to for any garden. And, whilst there are options for ground cover flora, pebbles are widely used.

Palm Springs style garden/landscaping around pool area

Palm Springs style Landscaping/Garden around Pool
Image: Steve Martino

Here are a few options for you to use in Australia:

Golden Barrel Cactus

Golden Barrel Cactus in a Palm Springs style garden

Artichoke Agave

Artichoke Agave Perfect for Palm Springs Garden in Australia

Image: AZ Plant Lady

Desert Spoon

Desert Spoon in Palm Springs style Garden

Image: Palm Springs Modern Home

Mexican Fence Post

Mexican Fence Posts lined along brown rendered fence
Moroccan Mound
Moroccan Mound in palm springs style garden

Single Story

This characteristic is considered and with residents and neighbours in mind. Flat roofs are used to ensure the escarpment and views are not covered. The importance of retaining the Californian landform is almost an unwritten requirement.

Palm Springs Front Exterior home with lime green front door pictured at dusk

White Palm Springs Home exterior

 Image: David R Olson Architects


Palm Springs home exterior pool area

Image: Dwell


Flat/Butterfly Roofs

Probably the most distinct element of a Palm Springs home. Not only is this feature incorporated for the above reason of keeping the landscape views untouched, it is linked to making homes more energy efficient in terms of lighting, ventilation and heating. Flat roofs with a slight overhang also assist in resistance to the strong winds and offer shady respite from the desert sun.

White Palm Springs Home exterior infront of mountain landscape

Palm Springs Home with Flat roof in desert landscape
Image: Arch Daily
Palm Springs Alexander Homes Large Palm Trees out front
Image: PSHomes
Palm Springs Exterior at dusk with pink front door
Image: Dwell


Blurring the Lines Between Indoors and Outdoors

Ensuring the home is connected with the landscape, the entertaining areas and gardens in the outdoors are generally extensions of the interior. The outdoor area in a Palm Springs home is widely considered the most important part of the home. What should be an extension of the main dwelling, the outdoors are used just as much as the interior. Include features like a cabanna, slight roof over-hang to provide some shade from the sun, upholstered cushions and lounges for somewhere comfortable to sit, a bar fridge and outdoor kitchen, fire pit.

Palm Springs Home with indoor/outdoor entertaining area and pool

Image: Onekindesign


Indoor Outdoor Living Area Palm Springs home

Image: New York Post


Palm Springs outdoor indoor living area paved with fire pit and seating

 Image: New York Post


I hope you love this blog post on the Palm Springs style as much as I do and you are inspired to add some of these mid-century modern design elements in your home. You can include as much or as little as you want. Start small with a few décor pieces, change up your exterior paint choice, plant a few succulents or start on the breeze block wall you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re feeling up for a bit of DIY’ing, check out the blog Renovation Experts Katrina and Jesse from The Reno Life, reveal their Top Renovation Tips to guide you through some of the issues that can arise with taking on your own projects.

To making your home a haven,

Lauren x

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