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Top Tips Straight from an Interior Designer...

Top Tips Straight from an Interior Designer...
One of the first beautiful people I met on Instagram upon starting Sonei Home was Ange from Jada Interior Design. She became a customer of mine, and I hers.
Ange has a beautiful, crisp, refreshing and clean style that I think makes her unforgettable and a designer who should be followed for inspiration. Given her style, it made sense to approach her and see if she would give visitors to Sonei Home special access to some of her top tips to creating a home you will love. Luckily, she said 'yes' and spent time out of her busy schedule to answer some of my questions. 
Grey, White, Black and Wood Moodboard featuring Jada Interiors logo and packaging
What made you want to become an Interior Designer?
I always loved the way every home has a different layout and the way every style has its own features. I have loved architecture and interior design from a very young age so it was no surprise to those close to me when I chose to become an Interior Designer!

What is the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Stylist?
Both professions use their creativity and knowledge to bring a room to life. An Interior Stylist works with the aesthetics of the room, working predominantly with furniture and decor. An Interior Designer, on the other hand, can design a room from scratch, make structural changes, can design custom cabinetry, and assist clients with choosing the materials and finishes for their project.
Computer render of a bathroom with large grey floor and wall tiles, white freestanding bath with a timber shelf caddy along the bath, a timber stool with 2 blue towels rolled on top, a floating timber vanity with white bench and white basin, a large round mirror on the wall above vanity and backlit with light, a small vase with branches.
Do you have to be qualified to be an interior designer?
Yes, you must complete a nationally recognised tertiary qualification in Interior Design.

Is there a design style you favour/dislike? 
I love so many interior styles, it is so hard to choose a favourite! I love working on contemporary designs, otherwise I enjoy adding contemporary twists to much loved classics. Mid-Century Modern is probably my least favourite interior style.

Where do you start with style on a new build or renovation when you only have a blank canvas to work with?
First, location. Are you near the mountains where it snows? Do you live near the beach? Are you in the heart of suburbia? Whilst location doesn't dictate the style you should go for, there are elements of different interior styles that can be used to fit the location. Next, I would think of what vibe you want. And finally, I would use one or two images that really grab you as your inspiration. When purchasing items for your new home, having a limited number of inspirational images to refer back to helps you remain more focused on your goal and helps maintain a more cohesive flow. The more images you use as inspiration, the more likely you are to become overwhelmed, creating a disjointed final look.
Moodboard with a large grey tile, with a small swatch of black laminate, a tile of white marble, black tapware and black candle with white wax

Tell us about your pre designed interiors packages. What are they and how do they make the design process easy?
The Pre-Designed Interiors packages were created with reno newbies or those building a new home in mind. They are designed to assist in the colour selection process so you don't become overwhelmed with the endless variety of products, colours and materials to choose from. These packs help keep you on track to bring your desired style to life without weekends wasted visiting store after store, trying to bring all these different elements of a room together These packs are designed to cut out the weeks of research and stress associated with choosing colours to bring your vision to life.
Moodboard consisting of walnut timber, white, grey tiling, branch of eucalypt and brass tapware
With Pre-Designed Interiors, you simply look through the interior styles and select from one of the 4 packages available (Home, Kitchen, Wet Areas, and The Complete Package). Each package will include a booklet jam packed with all the information you need to bring the look to life, including information about the chosen interior style, 3D rendered images to give you a visual representation of the completed look, flatlays of the colours and materials used, a full colour schedule, where to source each product from, suggested alternatives to change the look up with confidence, design tips and tricks, plus you will receive samples delivered straight to your door so you can see and feel each colour and material.
Computer render of a living room with an exposed brick/stone fireplace, raked ceiling, timber floorboards, beige rug, two grey couches facing each other with timber coffee table in between.
Do you have any advice for my readers renovating or building their own homes?
Going into a new home build or renovation with a laser-focused plan will set you up for success. The more you plan, the clearer your end goal will be. This will leave you more confident when making decisions, selecting colours, furnishing your new home, and you will definitely reduce the number of changes or mistakes made.

What are some easy changes my community could do if they are needing a freshen up in their existing home?
I always love new cushions and throws to freshen up a home. If budget permits, I would also recommend new bed linen, art work, rugs, or fresh paint.
A white recessed area in the living area, with cabinetry along the bottom, tv in the middle attached to the wall, small rectangle window above the television with shutters, one vase on left side of the television, candlestick in holder to the right and black and gold sconces, turned on either side of the window.
How do you tackle designing in a space with little to no corners, so a space with rounded walls?
If space permits, I keep the main furniture off the wall. For example, in a living room, I would position the sofas off the walls. Depending on the layout of the room, I would create an individual nook in an awkward corner such as an armchair with a rounded side table. Alternatively, you could add items such as a drinks trolley, a plant, or a sculpture. 

Finally, what are your favourite pieces from Sonei Home, and how would you style them?
I absolutely love the foil prints! I am a sucker for metallic finishes so I adore my Aquarius constellation print. I have mine in an oak frame on the wall. Alternatively, you could also position this on a floating shelf or on a piece of furniture styled with decor items, such as a small vase or a plant, that complement your interior style.
Leo Constellation print, foiled in gold foil, timber frame with white border. Preserved flowers in a vase to the right of the print.
Latte coloured trio of vases, of various sizes and shapes, grouped together atop a dining table covered with a messily placed patterned reddish brown table cloth, the top of a timber dining chair and partial view of an olive tree as a centrepiece on the dining table
I hope you enjoyed the first addition of Sonei Home's blog. If there is someone you would love to hear from, or a topic you'd love me to cover...please do not hesitate to contact me at OR you can always reach me on our social media pages.
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